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Chicken Breast with Black Bean Salsa

A SPICY salsa mix of tomatoes, red bell peppers, black beans, JALAPENOS, and LEAN 100% CHICKEN BREAST…

ORCHARD Beef with Apples & Cherries

Crafted in our Micro-Snackery, this recipe combines fruit from the orchard - APPLES & CHERRIES with LEAN 100% Grass Fed BEEF…

NORTHWOODS Beef with Cranberries & Blueberries

This TENDER, #BetterThanJerky Snack recipe starts with LEAN 100% Grass Fed BEEF…

Assorted Beef

Includes all four beef  flavors for between meal snacking.  Great assortment of protein snacks…

Assorted Chicken

Four chicken breast snacks in flavors from mild to bold, a nutritious on-the-go protein snack…

Teriyaki Beef with Pineapples

A protein snack with the Taste of the Tropics:  LEAN, 100% Grass Fed BEEF with PINEAPPLES…

Teriyaki Chicken Breast with Mangos

A protein snack recipe that starts with LEAN 100% CHICKEN BREAST.  Add a Micro-Snackery crafted gluten free Teriyaki sauce…

Signature Beef - BOLD Original

A minimal ingredient snack - a blend of 100% LEAN, Grass Fed BEEF and spices…

Italiano Chicken with Romano

An ITALIAN seasoning blend joins roasted red bell peppers, shallots and LEAN 100% CHICKEN BREAST…


Four beef, four chicken breast, and two venison flavors included - 10 snack flavors for enjoying and sharing with family and friends…

Assorted Beef & Chicken

Four beef and four chicken breast snack flavors included - 8 different flavors to enjoy and share with family and friends…

Assorted Venison

Assortments with two venison snack flavors.  Perfect for on the go satisfying snacks…

Chicken' N Cherries with BBQ

A slightly smokey BBQ seasoning mixes well with LEAN 100% CHICKEN BREAST, select spices & CHERRIES…

Orchard Venison with Apples

A protein snack crafted in our Micro-Snackery from LEAN, tender VENISON, Apples from the orchard…

2 REDS Venison with Cranberries & Cherries

LEAN, tender VENISON meets up with 2 REDS - Cranberries & Cherries…

CocoChia® Snack Mix (12 Single Serving Packets)

LivingFuel CocoChia® is the ultimate snack fuel - nutritious, tasty and energy boosting…

Our Price: $19.97
LivingFuel TheraSweet®

A healthy, safe alternative.
The Funny Thing about Artificial Sweeteners…

Our Price: $19.97

Sample ALL 10 snacks to choose your  FAVORITE flavors!  Sampler pack includes 1 each of 10 different snacks…

Our Price: $22.95
Apple Cinnamon (Box of 12)

Our version of apple pie.

Our Price: $25.99
Blueberry (Box of 12)

Big blueberry flavor.

Our Price: $25.99
Coconut Chocolate (Box of 12)

The original whole food protein bar.

Our Price: $25.99
Coffee Chocolate (Box of 12)

Coffee + chocolate is love at first bite.

Our Price: $25.99
Chocolate Sea Salt (Box of 12)

The Best Seller. Real, whole foods...and that's all.

Our Price: $25.99
Mint Chocolate (Box of 12)

8 ingredients, pure and simple.

Our Price: $25.99
Maple Sea Salt (Box of 12)

Maple goodness. Real, whole foods...and that's all.

Our Price: $25.99
Peanut Butter (Box of 12)

5 simple ingredients and nothing else.

Our Price: $25.99
Chocolate Chip (Box of 12)

Tastes like a chocolate chip cookie.

Our Price: $25.99
Mixed Berry

Berry flavor times three.

Our Price: $25.99
Peanut Butter Chocolate

A classic combination.

Our Price: $25.99

LivingFuel InSportRecovery™ is the most advanced, high-performance sports drink mix on earth…

Our Price: $34.97