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A SPICY salsa mix of tomatoes, red bell peppers, black beans, JALAPENOS, and LEAN 100% CHICKEN BREAST… Crafted in our Micro-Snackery, this recipe combines fruit from the orchard - APPLES & CHERRIES with LEAN 100% Grass Fed BEEF… A helpful, free information guide for individuals with metabolic syndrome.
A helpful, free  informational booklet for MediClear / MediClear Plus / MediClear-SGS users. This TENDER, #BetterThanJerky Snack recipe starts with LEAN 100% Grass Fed BEEF… Includes all four beef  flavors for between meal snacking.  Great assortment of protein snacks…
Four chicken breast snacks in flavors from mild to bold, a nutritious on-the-go protein snack… A protein snack with the Taste of the Tropics:  LEAN, 100% Grass Fed BEEF with PINEAPPLES… A protein snack recipe that starts with LEAN 100% CHICKEN BREAST.  Add a Micro-Snackery crafted gluten free Teriyaki sauce…
A minimal ingredient snack - a blend of 100% LEAN, Grass Fed BEEF and spices… An ITALIAN seasoning blend joins roasted red bell peppers, shallots and LEAN 100% CHICKEN BREAST… Four beef, four chicken breast, and two venison flavors included - 10 snack flavors for enjoying and sharing with family and friends…
Four beef and four chicken breast snack flavors included - 8 different flavors to enjoy and share with family and friends… Assortments with two venison snack flavors.  Perfect for on the go satisfying snacks… A slightly smokey BBQ seasoning mixes well with LEAN 100% CHICKEN BREAST, select spices & CHERRIES…
A protein snack crafted in our Micro-Snackery from LEAN, tender VENISON, Apples from the orchard… LEAN, tender VENISON meets up with 2 REDS - Cranberries & Cherries… A helpful, free informational guide for individuals seeking help with weight management
Vitamin D (1,000 I.U.)
Our Price: $6.60
Vanadium Krebs
Our Price: $6.80
Thorne Shaker Bottle
Our Price: $6.99
1,000 IU Vitamin D-3 tablets 250 mcg tablet from Krebs complex 0
Our Price: $7.70
Chromium (1 mg.)
Our Price: $7.80
Our Price: $7.80
Thiamine 100 mg tablet Chromium chelate 1 mg Molybdenum 250 mcg tablet
B-6 (100 count)
Our Price: $8.20
Chelated Magnesium
Our Price: $8.40
Magnesium oxide supplies 300 mg of magnesium in each capsule 100 mg Vitamin B-6 as Pyridoxine HCl Magnesium Amino Acid chelate 100 mg
Zinc Chelate
Our Price: $8.40
Kelife ™
Our Price: $8.40
Our Price: $8.65
Zinc gluconate 50 mg Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed supplying iodine an amino-acid bound form of selenium