Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation

A new level of Human Performance,

quickly Heal Injuries, and

successfully Treat Chronic Pain.


What it is:

Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation (INS) technology has performance enhancing effects on eccentric contractions, which in turn enhances subsequent contractions of any type. By enabling muscles to maximally lengthen, a full range of motion is achieved, resulting in more forceful contractions. The NXPro can be used seamlessly throughout the entire workout from dynamic warm up all the way to an active recovery by engaging optimal muscle fiber recruitment, contraction, promoting circulation and cell metabolism.

Who can benefit?

INS is effective for EVERYONE from elite athletes to rehabilitation patients, and anyone in between. INS has been successfully implemented with professional athletes (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, PGA, etc.) in clinical rehabilitative, recovery environments, and countless other settings.

The Benefits of INS:
  • Relieve Pain & Reduce Injury
    • Correct unhealthy movement patterns
      • If left untreated, pain causes the body to develop new compensation patterns to achieve the intended motion. This creates a vicious cycle that proliferates, creating additional damage. INS identifies the root of the pain, treats the dysfunctional tissue and trains the body to conduct movement in the optimal biomechanical route.
    • Minimize stress, swelling, & strain
      • When the body experiences an injury, the membrane potential shifts such that it is no longer responsive to the signal emitted via the motor nerve from the Central Nervous System, causing the muscle to be inhibited, leading to stress, swelling and strain on the joint. INS relieves these symptoms by innervating muscle tissue in the area of dysfunction and by determining the root cause of the issue.
    • Prevent future pain & injury
      • Pain relief, combined with Release of Inhibition under the application of the INS stimulus, leads to the ability to perform optimally once again. As a result, neurological compensation patterns are eliminated while the stimulus is applied, and when ideal movements are performed, motor learning is initiated. This allows for the muscles to build back stronger, averting future injury that was otherwise inevitable.
  • Improve Fitness & Human Performance
    • Perform at your true, maximum capacity
      • Using INS during athletic/fitness training instantly increases the amount of nervous system neurotransmitters being used to perform. The INS technology activates 100% of the user’s nervous system and places it under the maximum tolerable stress from the first repetition.
    • Lengthen & contract muscles like never before
      • INS creates a balance on both ends of the contraction, from the lengthening of a muscle back to neutral and/or shortening. By enabling the muscle to maximally lengthen, the subsequent concentric contraction is more forceful. INS has a performance enhancing effect on eccentric contractions; this in turn enhances subsequent contractions of any type.
    • Increase muscle strength & endurance
      • The INS technology physically opens nervous system pathways, elevating the client's capabilities to their true maximum potential achieving their ultimate goals quicker with less wear and tear on the body, while performing at a consistently optimal level. The NXPro, which incorporates the INS technology, can also be used to enhance dynamic active warmups to prevent injuries and Xcelerate the recovery process avoiding training fatigue and muscle soreness.
What are the typical results?
  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Improves circulation
  • Improves cell metabolism
  • Enhances muscle contraction
  • Helps lengthen and relax muscles
  • Has many other applications to address acute or chronic ailments
How can it be used?

INS is a safe, non-invasive therapy that can be used before an injury to not only enhance athletic performance but also reduce the risk of becoming injured through strenuous training and competition. INS therapy is also an effective therapy when injuries do occur.

INS can be used before, during, and/or after exercise, whether as part of routine training or high-level competition. Before exercise, the system serves as a high-tech preparation to boost muscle performance.

We recommend using before, during, and/or after exercise to enhance your performance and expedite your recovery process.

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