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Science, Technology & Engineering. A New Level of Human Performance™️ through Innovative BioTechnologies

Let PEMF Technology Help Your Body Repair Itself Naturally. Pulse PEMF has designed PEMF systems as an integrative health solution that follows a holistic, user-focused approach to both wellness and veterinary care. Pulse PEMF's soothing PEMF technology supports the body’s natural healing and regulating abilities.

Over the past 60 years Douglas Laboratories has grown into a globally recognized leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative, science-based nutritional supplements, designed to help healthcare practitioners who are focused on the healthy aging and active lifestyles of their clients.†

Klean Athlete® is a line of NSF Certified for Sport™ nutritional supplements certified free from banned substances and contaminants. Their suite of targeted products promotes peak performance by fueling and fortifying with a solid nutritional base to support an athlete’s training and overall well-being.†
A healthy athlete is a more effective athlete, plain and simple.

Since 1984, Thorne Research has set the standard for exceptional quality manufacturing and formulation of premium nutritional supplements available through licensed health care practitioners. With more than 400 products, including an ever-growing number that are NSF Certified for Sport, Thorne Research is recognized by health care practitioners as a global leader in providing nutritional supplements of the highest quality and purity.

Living Fuel's mission is "To Change Lives with the Truth and with Leading-Edge, High-Impact Superfood Nutrition!". The Leader in Superfood Nutrition for a reason! Players Performance Institute trusts Living Fuel who will not make any product until they are convinced it is the best of its kind, in terms of purity, potency, quality and innovation. LivingFuel products are used and recommended by leading health experts, elite world-class athletes and major professional sports teams as well as pregnant moms, newborns, children, and the elderly - everyone from the super healthy to the health challenged.

RXBAR cut out the BS in protein bars by leading with clean, whole food ingredients to fuel fit and healthy lifestyles nationwide. RXBAR believes in being transparent, direct, and real in everything they do. All of the ingredients are on the front of the packaging so customers know exactly what's inside.

Simply Snackin began with an obsession and belief that food should NOURISH – even if that food is “just a snack”. They’re passionate (obsessive in fact) about crafting AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS on-the-go snacks that offer nourishing, between meal support. The recipes started with lean, quality protein: grass fed beef, chicken breast or free range venison. Blended with spices to compliment, not overpower. Different flavor profiles were developed by including ingredients like dried fruit or veggies and the snacks were then Leisurely Roasted & Lightly Smoked. The end result – 10 tender, satisfying snacks with flavor as a result of recipes crafted using natural ingredients - nothing artificial. Simply Snackin’ – protein snacks to fuel all of life’s adventures: PLAY HARD - SNACK OFTEN

BioTrust Nutrition is the premium, natural nutrition brand committed to excellence, integrity, and giving back. These core values shape BioTrust's commitment to offering you products that are of the highest quality, purity, potency, and effectiveness. BioTrust is dedicated to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals by way of our premium supplements made with natural ingredients.

UltraSlide benefits teams, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and rehabilitation patients worldwide. Professional and collegiate strength and conditioning coaches rely on the UltraSlide for lateral training, agility, and core stabilizing workouts. Sports Medicine professionals depend on UltraSlide for various rehabilitations, most notably ACL. Fitness professionals, personal trainers, and home fitness enthusiasts have found the UltraSlide to be not only a fun and challenging lower-body workout, but a highly-effective functional training tool.

SKLZ prepares athletes to be ready for their sport. They offer skill and performance training products and programs for athletes to use at home and in training envionments. SKLZ performance training products are designed for authenticity, athlete benefit, ease of use, and functional durability.

TRX Training develops and delivers world class training products and workout programs for everyone from fitness professionals and enthusiasts of any age and ability to top name athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB and UFC, as well as our servicemen and women in every branch of the US military. TRX defines “new and cutting edge” and is changing the way products and programs are made, delivered and marketed on every level.

Keiser has been producing innovative conditioning equipment for world-class athletes since 1980, and Players Performance Institute is a firm believer in their exceptional quality and functionality. Like Players Performance Institute, Keiser focuses on the movement of the body, and designs machines around how best to train the body for the way it moves throughout the course of the day. Keiser continues to be the leading innovator in functional training equipment, which plays a significant role at Players Performance Institute.

PowerBlock, Inc. was founded in 1991 by specialty fitness equipment designers. While searching for specific needs in the fitness industry, they were drawn to the large amounts of dumbbells encountered in the specialty fitness stores they visited. There had to be a better way of providing fitness enthusiasts with the performance advantage of hand weights without the space and restrictions of old fashioned racks and dumbbells. It was here the idea for PowerBlock was born. After two years of extensive testing, PowerBlock began sales of the newly coined "selectorized dumbbell". Since then, PowerBlock has continued to be the leader in the fitness industry as they constantly strive to out do themselves in the pursuit of excellence.

VibePlate is the foremeost leader in innovation, development, and use of whole body vibration products. A major part of the process and success of the VibePlate products is due to implementing the correct and natural form of whole body vibration.

Blendtec designs and manufactures the world’s safest and most powerful high-speed commercial and residential blenders. All Blendtec blenders are designed and assembled in the United States at the company’s Orem, Utah, facility. Players Performance Institute exclusively uses Blendtec blenders in support of nutrition for all individuals.

Speed, strength, agility, power, stability and conditioning are vital components to success in any athletic competition. With this in mind, Perform Better has carefully selected each fitness equipment product for its ability to help improve sports performance or rehabilitation. Whether you're trying to make your athletes stronger, faster or more explosive, you can trust their fitness products to meet your needs.

Founded in 1986, Power Systems (PS), LLC is a leading provider of fitness and performance products and is recognized throughout the sports and fitness industries for its complete selection, superior customer care, and fast delivery. Power Systems (PS), LLC is committed to quality, innovation, and service through our knowledgeable team that is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations.

Stick Mobility is a training system that improves your mobility, stability, and strength. The system combines joint mobilization, strength training, and deep fascial stretching to increase athletic performance, reduce risk of injury, and speed recovery. The exercises use the Mobility Stick as a tool to improve range of motion, muscle activation, coordination, and body awareness to build a strong foundation for better movement. The Stick Mobility system is based on the scientific principles of leverage, stability, feedback, irradiation, isometrics, and coordination.

In 1977 Xiser Industries was conceived in the mind of Professor Juris Terauds, PhD, while he was professor of biomechanics at the University of Alberta, in Canada. The novelty was the invention of the stepping machine for anaerobic high intensity training (HIT). Now the factory at beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado manufactures the All American “High Intensity Trainer™. The Xiser® mission is to develop the optimum fitness training protocols for men and women and to develop the ultimate equipment for that type of training based on available and newly conducted university research on aerobic and anaerobic workouts.