Players Performance Institute (PPI) specializes in human performance that empowers players – in life and sport, at every skill level – to reach their true potential.

Habit formation and challenging players to get a fraction better each day are keys to unlocking their potential and removing roadblocks.

Each player has their own unique giftedness and needs.

When it comes to improving health, fitness, nutrition, biomechanics, and performance, a one-size-fits-all approach impedes achieving optimal performance. That's why PPI created a framework/system for continuous improvement that goes beyond traditional approaches. We are a catalyst to the pieces needed for full player development to live and perform optimally day after day, year after year.

Our solutions are based on scientific and clinically proven principles, strategies, and techniques that help guide and empower players to enhance their human performance via health, fitness, nutrition, and biomechanics. All in a safe and supportive environment to ensure you are developing proper habits that lead to exceptional and lasting results!

Our Progressive & Iterative Approach


We strive to understand the needs and goals of every individual, team, and organization with whom we serve.


We’re constantly assessing and adjusting to address your specific needs and produce measurable outcomes that you can see and feel.


No matter what you want to achieve for your organization, team, or yourself, you need a plan that’s specific to your needs.


We provide individuals, teams, and organizations the solutions they need, providing individualized plans based on scientific and clinically proven principles, strategies, and techniques.

Our Services


Our consulting services provide the one-on-one attention needed to achieve optimal health and performance for individuals, businesses, sports teams, and other organizations. Consultations cover areas such as health, fitness, nutrition, performance, and biomechanics.


By assessing the habits of individuals, we create a baseline and uncover opportunities for desired solutions. Individuals, teams, and organizations can use this information to recruit, retain, and reward individuals as well as compare peer-to-peer performance, identify injury prone limitations and weaknesses, and guide injury management.

Muscle Activation Techniques™ (MAT™)

Gain that elusive edge with this powerful one-of-a-kind approach that addresses muscular imbalances to help reduce or eliminate pain and fatigue, speed muscle recovery, decrease injury, optimize performance, and extend careers.

Functional Range Systems® (FRS®/FR®/FRA®/FRC®)

Human Movement Optimization with this powerful one-of-a-kind approach to help increase useable range of motion, improve articular mobility, improve neurological control, increase strength/resilience, enhance athletic performance, decrease incidence of injury, improve recovery from injuries.

NormaTec® Recovery System

Play, practice, and train harder while RECOVERING FASTER with this powerful one-of-a-kind approach to help decrease muscle recovery time, reduces soreness, decrease muscle tension and inflammation, increase flexibility and range of motion, reduce swelling and water accumulation, and increase blood flow and circulation.


Our sports performance training reduces injuries and enhances performance to prepare athletes and teams to excel at the highest levels in sports. Services are available for teams and organizations, professional, collegiate, high school and youth athletes, as well as adults.

Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD)

Introducing the right things at the right time to establish and reinforce a solid foundation and fundamentals can create a culture of healthier, higher performing athletes. From private to semi-private to small group training, our offerings are designed to keep athletes engaged and informed so they can reach their true potential.


Nutrition plays a critical role in staying mentally and physically strong. We use a nutritional progression model rooted in science and real-world research to optimize individual and organizational nutrition habits. Giving control back to the people who are ready to make a change...and who want something more.