Players Performance Institute (PPI) empowers players – in life and sport, at every skill level – to reach their true potential.

We started PPI with the belief that the quest to optimize human performance can be so much more effective, whether you’re in pursuit of personal bests or striving to live a happier, healthier life. Rather than holding ourselves captive to conventional approaches to health, fitness, nutrition, biomechanics, and sports performance, we’re committed to putting individuals in the best position to own their health and performance so they can thrive.

That's why PPI created a framework for continuous improvement that goes beyond traditional approaches. We are a catalyst to the pieces needed for full player development to live and perform optimally day after day, year after year.


Our team builds strategies, systems, and processes to create a healthy environment and to deliver exceptional results for individuals we serve. We invest in team members, education, innovation, and solutions so we can continue driving human performance outcomes and inspire individuals to reach their true potential.


Welcome to our elite training destination. Our facility includes an athletes’ lounge, Muscle Activation Techniques™ (MAT™) room, turf room, hitting area, and a training space with leading equipment.


Partnerships are a crucial part of our company. Our partners advance our research, expand our expertise, and push us to stay at the forefront of human performance. We drive one another, support one another, and build on successes together.


We team up with industry leaders dedicated to helping individuals enhance human performance. Our sponsors are a key piece that enable us to grow, build awareness, educate, and provide premier products and services for the individuals we serve.


Your gifts make it possible to transform lives—at Players Performance Institute and beyond. Become inspired and make a difference in building awareness and education for human performance, movement literacy, and Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD).