Human Movement Optimization!

What it is:

Functional Range Systems, or FRS® is a powerful one-of-a-kind approach to help increase useable range of motion, improve articular mobility, improve neurological control, increase strength/resilience, enhance athletic performance, decrease incidence of injury, and improve recovery from injuries with the principles, strategies, and techniques below.

Manual Medicine / Assessment / Treatment / Rehabilitation

A system of manual musculoskeletal assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation based on sound scientific principles.

Functional Range Release technique, or FR® Release is an advanced, and comprehensive system of musculoskeletal assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation utilized by leading manual medical practitioners and therapists around the world including Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Registered/Licensed Massage Therapists, Registered Nurses, Osteopaths, Athletic Trainers, Medical Doctors, etc.

Unlike many manual therapy systems which are created based on trial and error and passed down over the years, FR® Release was created out of the most current scientific literature. It therefore represents a cohesive system of manual care using the best evidence, and most effective strategies currently available to assess, diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate musculoskeletal disorders, pain, and movement dysfunction.

Human Movement Optimization / Mobility Development / Articular Strength / Neurological Control

A system of mobility training based on scientific principles and research.

Developed by world-renowned musculoskeletal, and human movement expert Dr. Andreo Spina, Functional Range Conditioning (FRC®), is a system of joint health, and mobility training based in scientific principles and research. Mobility refers to the amount of USABLE motion that one possesses across a particular articulation (joint). The more mobile a person is, the more they are able to maximize their movement potential safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Precise, scientific, baseline measurements. Take the guess work out of programming. Perfect for assessing before/after progress.

FRA is a measurement based assessment system that provides objective measures of an athletes movement capacity for each and every articulation. Then training inputs (FRC®) are able to be directed at the individual’s specific deficits.

Who can benefit?

Functional Range Systems® (FRS®/FR®/FRA®/FRC®) is effective for EVERYONE from elite athletes to rehabilitation patients, and anyone in between. FRS® has been successfully implemented with professional athletes (NFL, NBA, NHL, CFL, PGA, etc.) in clinical rehabilitative, performance environments, and countless other settings.

What are the typical results?
  • Increased useable Range of Motion
  • Improved Articular Mobility
  • Improved Neurological Control
  • Increased strength/resilience
  • Enhanced athletic performance
  • Decreased incidence of injury
  • Quicker reaction time
  • Heightened sense of Balance, and Stability
  • Career Longevity
  • Maximized results from you training program
  • Faster recovery from injuries

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